UN Job List: Feedback

About feedback for the Un Job List – FAQ for site users

I really like receiving comments on the UN Job List and I’m grateful for hints on how to improve it. So if you would like to leave some feedback, just use the comment box below. It’s in your interest that your comment is received well take the time and read through the following hints

Comments that belong here

  • You found an error somewhere? Great! Please let me know. I might not be able to act immediately (remember this is just a “fun” project I do in my spare time) but I will certainly get back to you.
  • You find some UN vacancies that are not on my page yet? PLEASE let me know! The goal here is to provide a complete overview over UN vacancies.
  • You have an idea to improve the UN Job List? Keep it coming! From time to time I update stuff and if I know you would like to see something I will include that something.

Comments that don’t belong here

  • You have a question on an individual vacancy? Please contact the concerned organisation directly. I’m not affiliated with any of the UN Organisations and I have no insight on the application process, selection criteria and other. Yes, I know it can be quite challenging to get into an agency but there is nothing I can do.
  • You have a request for a special vacancy? Like you would love to see some vacancies in the town you live? Or you would like to have special secondment vacancies? Sorry, there is no way I can deliver that. Just to be perfectly clear: I immediately delete comments that ask me individually to send vacancies. I’m doing this page in my spare time and on a voluntary basis. So don’t waste my time and your time with inquiries like this.

Ok, well now fire away and let me know what you think – thanks, Sebastian