Living in Copenhagen

After having lived in Denmark for quite a while now, I figure it is time to come up with some general comments on life here in Copenhagen.

Generally speaking life here is very good. Denmark is very convenient in practical terms – meaning you don’t necessarily have to speak the langue to get around – and people are nice, friendly and very helpful.

The country is beautiful and Copenhagen is gorgeous, as long as you travel here in summer (during the winter months it can be a bit tough to deal with the darkness and the intense rain). What I really love about Copenhagen is the fact that, as “Europe’s biggest village�, it offers a unique mix of metropolitan like cultural events, museums and lifestyle combined with short distances (you can reach everything by foot or bike), nice neighborhoods and general “small town flair�. Not easy to describe, best to experience in person.

But once you made it here, where to start? Well, the main attractions from the Little Mermaid to the old city center of Copenhagen have been described in hundreds of guide books. In more practical terms, a very good resource for finding your way around is the “Moron Abroadâ€? and especially his introduction page for US citizens (even if you are not from the US). I recommend that you do take his advice serious. I can confirm that especially the bikers can be dangerous and quite aggressive. Two days ago I observed a biker getting mad at a car being in his way on a bike path. The biker braked, started shouting at the car, took his foot up and gave the car several hard kicks in the trunk before continuing his ride. This might be an extreme example, but consider yourself warned 🙂

Also worth a look is the Copenhagen Post, an English weekly newspaper and then, for professionals, the ExpatNet which helps expats with offerings from jobs to housing and networking.

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