UN Job List launched

Over the past weeks I have been working on http://unjoblist.org and the page is now at a stage where I can offer a first preview.

What does UN Job List do?
The page basically collects vacancies from UN organisations, stores them in a database and presents them on a single page. You can search the list for Duty Station, Organisation and / or any keyword in the title of the post. At this time I collect vacancies from UNOPS, UNDP, UNFPA, Unicef Supply, WHO.
The page is set up to support RSS feeds so you can easily include the page results in your favourite RSS reader or your Google homepage. Even better is that you can define your search and bookmark the page and thus easily do your search again later. The page stores your query in the URL, so every time you visit the page the search will performed again – this is a great way to stay on top of the vacancies in your most desired duty station, your favourite organisation, your area of expertise or any combination of them. Of course there is an RSS feed for the search pages, too. Check it out at http://unjoblist.org.

Why did I come up with this page?
The reason I came up with the page is that I was not really satisfied with other pages that display UN vacancies. Also, and this is probably the main reason for doing it, I wanted to find out how easy it is to program a robot that extracts vacancies, a database that keeps them and a page that displays them. I know so many colleagues who are annoyed with the pages that exist that I thought I’d give it a try. Well, after doing the page I realise it’s not all that simple, but slowly the page is shaping up.

Future development
I’m planning to expand the number of organisations on my page quite a bit. Then I would like to introduce some more sophisticated search options: I’m thinking of mapping the different job levels to the ICSC classification and offer search on that.
If you have any suggestion on what to improve, which organisations to add or any other general comment, just drop me a line via the comment box below.

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  1. Dear Sebstian, what a wonderful idea to have launched UN joblist – congratulations on the 6th birthday.
    Many of my school’s graduates work ind administrative positions at UN agencies at VIC (with an ESA-diploma or ESA certificate).
    However, it has become challenging, to say the least, of finding jobs in Vienna in the G category. So we will be using your site regularly to find possible vacancies.
    Best wishes
    Ingeborg Kuehling

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