Majority of UN organisations listed on UN Job List now

It has been a while since my last post on UN Job List and many things happened so here we go: At this time the page lists vacancies of 58 different organisations [UPDATE: there are more organisations now] and 1000+ jobs.

I’m getting faster and faster in adding new organisations, however the bigger UN organisations are all on the page so what is missing now are only a handful smaller setups that have maybe one, two or even no vacancies at all listed. In addition to that, there seem to be some projects which advertise locally only and I’m thinking of ways to add them, too. If you happen to know any of these local sites please let me know via a comment below so that I can add these last pages, too.

My focus is on UN organisations at this time, thus I’m currently not adding other international organisations, NGOs or IFIs to my list. If you are interested in those jobs I recommend having a look at Relief Web which is rather comprehensive in these areas (but then again doesn’t cover the UN jobs as comprehensively as the UN Job List).

Not all organisations provide all information that I would like to list easily, e.g. some vacancies don’t mention a duty station, some carry “multiple” as duty station. The page lists information wherever it is provided but if there is nothing on the original vacancy page the page leaves that field in the database blank. Open vacancies are marked with “0000-00-00″ as closing date.

Next on my list is an even more sophisticated search e.g. allowing Boolean search operators [UPDATE: That’s done now].