First 100.000 hits on UN Job List

Today the UN Job List received its first 100.000 hits and although that is not too much if you compare it to the big pages on the web I still like the way things go 🙂

It is good to see that a lot of people find this page useful and I even heard of a first job that was found via the UN Job List. So, if you find your job via the UN Job List, please let me know via a comment below – thanks!

Internet Cafes in Gilleleje

If you ever happen to take some days of vacation in Gilleleje – which is highly recommendable if you enjoy wind, sun and the sea – make sure you have your UMTS device with you to hook up to the internet. The only other alternative I found is a hotspot in the harbor that will sell online airtime to Danes only (as foreigner you have to visit the shop and get your voucher there. And, yes you got it right, the shop is usually closed).
Or you try your luck in Sofa.1 a café which has live Jazz on Fridays. If you ask nicely the waiters will give you the key to their wireless network.

PS: By the way: Don’t waste your time on Willy’s as listed on some other pages. They are out of business and closed there shop down.