Places to be & things to do: Tallinn

If you get the chance pay a visit to Tallinn. It is a beautiful city and offers a lot: Wonderful scenery, decent food and a charming old town.

If you are there, experience the sunset from the SAS Radisson. Enjoy the good view from “Lounge 24” rooftop bar (see picture).

Sunset in Tallinn

There are direct flights from Copenhagen so if you are in the area – go to Tallinn for a weekend!

Things you have to do in Copenhagen

People ask me what to do when they are in Copenhagen and even though I don’t want to repeat all the stuff that is listed in the Lonely Planet here is my pretty random list of things I recommend to do in Copenhagen.

  • Go Nyhavn, get a beer in the kiosk from the basement behind “Nyhavn 17?, sit at the canal and watch the tourists in the tourist traps
  • Ride the “Himmels Skibet? in Tivoli
  • Have a tee in Cafe Retro
  • Celebrate the first day of Jule Øl in Det Elektriske Hjørne
  • Experience St. Hans in Fælledparken
  • Enjoy a Sunday evening with live Jazz in La Fontaine
  • Visit Louisiana on a sunny day
  • Have a giant ice cream at Lydolf’s
  • Mount Vor Frelsers Kirke
  • And get to all the different places by riding one of the free City Bikes or the driverless Metro