Things you have to do in Copenhagen

People ask me what to do when they are in Copenhagen and even though I don’t want to repeat all the stuff that is listed in the Lonely Planet here is my pretty random list of things I recommend to do in Copenhagen.

  • Go Nyhavn, get a beer in the kiosk from the basement behind “Nyhavn 17â€?, sit at the canal and watch the tourists in the tourist traps
  • Ride the “Himmels Skibetâ€? in Tivoli
  • Have a tee in Cafe Retro
  • Celebrate the first day of Jule Øl in Det Elektriske Hjørne
  • Experience St. Hans in Fælledparken
  • Enjoy a Sunday evening with live Jazz in La Fontaine
  • Visit Louisiana on a sunny day
  • Have a giant ice cream at Lydolf’s
  • Mount Vor Frelsers Kirke
  • And get to all the different places by riding one of the free City Bikes or the driverless Metro
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