Places to be & things to do: Tango in Copenhagen

I have to admit that I’m not too old in the whole Tango business yet but nevertheless I’m quite impressed with Copenhagen’s Tango scene. The multitude of high quality milongas, workshops and courses is quite amazing considering that Copenhagen is not Buenos Aires. Also, the scene is amazingly well organized. Not only that websites like offer a perfect overview over what is going on but also people show up to events. So be prepared for a packed house the moment live tango music is announced…

How to get a job with the UN

With the UN Job List growing and growing I receive more questions of people who would like to join the UN and have no idea where to start. To be quite honest, my page is the worst place to start if you don’t know how to get a job with the UN.
Let me explain: On the UN Job List you find UN vacancies by Organisation or Duty Station and you can comfortably search for vacancies. However, if you don’t know how the UN works, I highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the UN system and its agencies before you apply to any of the jobs listed here.
There are good resources out there that help you getting the process done (like here and here) but the essence is: Know the system! Know what goals the agencies try to achieve, where they are active and what you can do to help the organisations to get their job done in a better way. If you did this part of the work, then start using my site and then there is a real chance that you will find the job you have been hoping for.