How to add the UN Job List to your iGoogle and how to sign-up for a UN Job List e-mail alert

Recently I have been receiving quite a few questions on two aspects of the UN Job List. The first is how to add the UN Job List to the personal Google Homepage. The process is quite simple. Like pretty much all things on the UN Job List it starts with a UN Job List Search. Make sure that the results show the kinds of jobs you are interested in. If there are no results, check for spelling mistakes (you won’t belief home many people are wondering why the search for ‘narobi’ is not returning any meaningful results).

Then on the results page scroll down until you find the “Add this result page to Google” button. Click the button and choose “Add to Google Homepage”. That’s all.

On the result page you will also find the opportunity to enter your e-mail to sign-up for the weekly UN Job List e-mail alert. The game is the same: Search for the jobs that seem to be appealing to you, watch for spelling mistakes and enter your e-mail on the result page. Confirm your e-mail and your are all setup.

Edit: PLEASE read the text above if you want to sign up! Leaving a comment in my blog is NOT the right way of signing up for an UN Job List e-mail alert.

PS: I disabled comments here since there are (and most likely will be more) people who don’t care to read and spam me with comments like “I would like to sign up”… If you have a real comment, please leave it in the post on UN Job List Feedback – thanks!

Server migration complete – your inputs for improvements wanted!

I’m happy to announce that the migration to an upgraded server is now complete and everything is humming along nicely. There are a couple of background tasks still to be done but that should not really affect the UN Job List.
I have about a week time now and I’m looking into some of the suggestions for improvements I received over the past weeks. And while I’m at it, why not pile more on it. So please let me know

  • Any organization that I might miss out. Sometimes local offices have their own vacancy pages and it is tricky to get them all
  • Any errors or inconveniences on the page that you encounter
  • Any other improvements that you could see from a technical point

Thanks a lot,