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The UN Job List has an elaborated system to automatically update the job database with UN vacancies every 24 hours. However, I noticed in the past months that there are some smaller pages that manually publish a vacancy every now and then. From a technical point of view it is very hard to track these pages systematically. First it is quite cumbersome to write a robot for each of these pages and secondly the fact that the publishing happens manually decreases the chances of the robot to extract the job data completely. Second, not every HR person always has access to a perfect Vacancy system on the respective organisation’s web page.

I have thus decided to add a place where authorized HR colleagues can manually add vacancies to the UN Job List.

In order to test this feature I’m looking for some HR colleagues whose vacancies are currently not on the UN Job List and who would like to publish their organisation’s vacancies on the UN Job List. This offer is explicitly open to UN Projects as long as the contracts advertised are UN contracts. If in doubt, just contact me. Needless to say that there are – as always when dealing with the UN Job List – no costs involved which holds true for the organization and for all the UN Job List users.

So let’s get started: You work in HR? Please leave a comment below. I will not publish it and get back to you via e-mail.
(If you are not in HR and would like to leave a general comment, please leave that comment here – thanks!)

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