Jungle Disk and proxy configuration

The Amazon S3 service is an interesting option to store data. One program that connects S3 directly to your desktop is Jungle Disk. Without a proxy Jungle Disk is installed very quickly and run without any issues for me.

However if you use a proxy, then you might run into issues. In my situation Jungle Disk failed to map the drive with a rather generic “Drive mapping failed” error. To cut the long story short: If you use a proxy you have to make sure that you do not use the proxy for “localxp.jungledisk.com” (under Windows XP) since Jungle Disk decided to have this address for its drive. So if you live in an environment where you have to use “automatic proxy detection” then just add the following line to your hosts file in order for everything to work:        localxp.jungledisk.com

That did the trick for me.

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