UNRWA on the UN Job List

It’s already been implemented a couple of days ago, but nonetheless I wanted to let you all know that the international jobs of UNRWA are now back on the UN Job List. I would like to thank the colleagues from UNRWA for their great collaboration.

They have a couple of very interesting vacancies out right now – check out the UNRWA vacancies on the UN Job List.

Which UN organisation is hiring? The 2008 UN Job List Statistics

I have blogged about the topic who is hiring in the UN previously here and here. With 2009 well underway I thought it is time to once again look into the issue and I came up with some very basic statistics on who is hiring in the UN.

The UN Job List statistics – click to view
The results are interesting. Like in 2007 the top three organisations are UNDP, WHO and UNOPS. In contrast to the 2007 vacancy statistics, I did not distinguish between open vacancies and ones with published closing dates since the many open DPKO vacancies have all been discovered in 2007 by the UN Job List and thus they do not have a significant influence on the 2008 vacancy rating.
In order to you all to see how 2009 builds up, I included the 2009 stastics from January to now. So you can look at the top 10 UN Job List organisations in terms of job advertisements everyday. Also, for all of you interested in seeing an overview over newly discovered vacancies over the past three days I added a graph with the distribution of these vacancies, too.

I am aware that these statistics are only a very first cut of what would be possible and I am willing to publish more so please let me know if you are interested in some specifics.

Lastly, it is time for the usual disclaimer: The data you see is a collection of vacancies posted and collected with the UN Job List. Thus the data can in no way be an accurate estimation of how many posts an organisation actually fills etc.

PS: I’m still running the survey on what you like or don’t like about the UN Job List. Please take a minute to fill it in – thanks!

New organisation (UNSSC) online, fixes and improvements

A quick update that the UNSSC is now online on the UN Job List, too. Check them out – I heard that there are vacancies coming up these days.

Also, I fixed the UNFCCC vacancies, the robot was broken since the site has been changed there.

Lastly, have a look at the last addition to the search page: I received feedback that searching for only newly discovered vacancies would be an asset. Also you wished for having an option to exclude vacancies without a closing date. Both options are now availabel from the UN Job List Advanced Search.

Let me know if there are other improvements to be done – thanks!