Improvements on the newsletter sign-up process

The UN Job List e-mail newsletter was once again coming to its capacity limits so that I expanded its capacity for a few more thousand subscribers.

At the same time I improved the sign-up procedure: Now, if you search for your jobs on the UN Job List, you can only sign-up for a newsletter if there is at least one job returned for your query.

The reason for implementing this feature was that I had too many subscribers that searched for “impossible” jobs such as jobs with “at least a level of a G7 and up to a level of a G5 which will obviously never exist.

For the existing alert newsletter subscriber nothing changes. I will however go through the newsletter settings and identify the alerts which will never yield a result. I will then contact the subscriber directly.

One other new thing is that you can meet me on Facebook now. If you want to connect with me, visit: