Happy Holidays to you!

I hope that you are enjoying the year-end activities and also that you find some quality time to spend with friends and family during the holidays.

2009 has been an exciting year: the UN Job List enjoyed a steady growth and what started as a very small technical experiment which was only used by me and a couple of good friends, is now a well established site with 15.000 page hits on a regular weekday. But not only the user base of the site grew during 2009; there are also a few more organizations on the UN Job List now.

Statistics apart, what I appreciate the most is the commitment and the dedication that many of you users show and your feedback to me. Many of you feel the urge to work on impro ving this world’s state of affairs and that honors you. I hope that all of us will succeed in this endeavor in the coming year.

With this I would like to wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2010,


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