The Christopher Hotel

On the pictures you can see the Little Peacekeeper in front of the remains of the Christopher Hotel in Port au Prince. This place is a place of particular sadness and tragedy since on 12 January 2010 almost a hundred UN personnel lost their lives here.

To read more about the UN staff that lost their lives, visit to the memoriam site of the MINUSTAH Peacekeeping Mission:

Rubble Removal in Haiti

Rubble Removal and Debris Management remains a huge challenge in Haiti. Of course also the Little Peacekeeper is doing his share, you can see him work on the picture. With his little helmet he is sweating in the heat and the rock is quite big for him. UNDP is also working in Haiti and has designed a Debris Management Programme if you want to know more

In Haiti now

The Little Peacekeeper is in Haiti now. You must have heard about the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in January. Now the cameras (and with them the global attention) are largely gone but the people are still affected. OCHA has an overview over the Haiti Earthquake six months later (

So long Solomon Islands

The Little Peacekeeper is looking over a little valley here. You can see some small fields and a newly built, not quite yet finished stable. The community in this little valley has been affected by flash flooding and is moving towards the hills to be better protected in the future. The Little Peacekeeper is now moving on to the next place in his journey. He will be visiting Haiti.


As you know the Little Peacekeeper is in the Solomon Islands. In Solomon Islands the Little Peacekeeper saw the RAMSI Peacekeepers ( ands). You can see him with some RAMSI ships in the back.