Upcoming Server Migration – Small service disruptions possible on Wednesday November 17th

Hello together,

I already posted about the broken Twitter-Update which happened ever since Twitter changed their API and unfortunately on top of that some other items in the backend of the UN Job List need to be fixed, too. To solve all that I setup a new server over the past and started to migrate my sites. Up to now, the Little Peacekeeper and this blog (Rottmair.de) have been moved. What is outstanding is the UN Job List and I want to move it this coming Wednesday November 17th.

Over the past weeks I worked on a migration plan and with the UN Job List being as big as it is right now this turned out to be bit more complicated than I expected. Anyways, I came up with a plan that should allow for migration of the UN Job List without any downtime of the site itself.

However, to be on the safe site and to ensure that nothing goes wrong I will temporarily disable the possibility of signing up for new UN Job List job alerts on Wednesday November 17th. You can sign-up to the UN Job List before and after Wednesday.

I’m sorry if any of this inconveniences you but would like to remind you that I’m doing this in my spare time with no financial interest whatsoever. I will make sure that I keep service disruptions as small as possible and I will report back once the migration is done.

Thanks for your understanding,

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