WFP now on the UN Job List

There have been a lot of small and big improvements on the UN Job List over the past days. The most significant improvements are that the World Bank, IFC, IMF, UNESCO and CTBTO job robots have been fixed so these organizations are back on the UN Job List.
But now, with a lot of the existing robots fixed it’s time add more organizations. So WFP is making the beginning. WFP jobs are now on the UN Job List, too.
Please note that WFP seems to be recruiting mainly against their profiles. So if there is no Duty Station listed on the UN Job List, the position may be a roster position that may be needed in different parts of the world. So please make sure to take this into considerations when you work on your search criteria.

There are still a few organizations on my list. But if you know of a UN organization which is not on the UN Job List yet, please let me know in the comments, below. Thanks!

PS: From a purely personal point of view the WFP homepage is very interesting. And if you need a last second gift, have a look there…

The next adventure

As you can see the Little Peacekeeper is on the road again. Well, he is on a water road to be precise. You can see him on the side of the boat looking out over the river. Do you have any ideas where he might be? As a hint, he has not been to this continent before…

Ideas for the next movie wanted!

A lot of you have seen the first attempt of the Little Peacekeeper to be a movie star ( Of course this is not where it stops. Please let me know if you have any ideas about what should be in the next movie clip. For the time being it will probably need to be a movie that can be shot inside but I’m sure you have many suggestions that will be feasible. Also, in the next movie there will be some background movie so if you know some great Creative Commons music, please let me know, too. Thanks a lot for your help!

Twitter updates for @UNJobList are online again

As I mentioned before, with the change in Twitter’s API my previous version of the UN Job List Twitter feeder @unjoblist broke. The good news is that I found the time now to restore it after the move to the new server and now the Twitter feed is working well again. So if you are interested in a daily stream of new vacancies, follow @unjoblist (or alternatively, use the RSS feed of the New Jobs page).

Also, I repaired some robots which had issues over the past weeks and I am in the process of implementing a better way of extracting data from the UN Job List. So stay tuned some more changes are coming up soon.


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