Which UN organisation is hiring? The 2010 UN Job List Statistics

According to tradition it’s time to look back and reflect on where UN jobs are coming from so after the 2007, 2008 and 2009 statistics here is the summary for 2010.

Again the results are no big surprise for those who know the UN landscape. The top three organisations/departments are still UNDP, WHO and UNOPS. However, UNICEF is a very strong number four, followed by FAO, IAEA, UNFPA, IOM, UNRWA and UNEP. Note that the secretariat is not listed as a whole but rather according to its different departments in the same way the UN Job List lists the secretariat.

Also note this year in particular my disclaimer on data accuracy: For instance the UNICEF data feed has only been implemented in August so my UNICEF data is incomplete for 2010. All data represents a collection of vacancies posted by the UN Job List. Thus the data can not be used as an accurate estimation of how many posts an organisation actually fills, since the UN Job List neither tracks internal vacancies nor has a way of knowing which of the advertised vacancies are filled eventually.

For further details have a look at the UN Job List Resource Page where you can see what the last three days look like, how 2011 is building and how the past years were.

Reading about the UN

During his most recent trip to the UN bookshop the Little Peacekeeper takes a card with the title “Every day the United Nations works to solve global challenges” with him. Back at home he studies the 10 bullets on the back of the card. You can see him read the card on the picture.

UN Job List Twitter accounts

This is a brief update for the Twitter folks out there: As you know it is very hard getting all the relevant vacancy information in less than 140 characters. And different people find different information most useful so it is hard to decide what to include into different tweets.

To provide users out there with some options the UN Job List now has three Twitter feeds:

  1. @UNJobList: The format for tweets on this feed is “Title” plus “Grade”. So you will see things like this:
    #IOM: Programme Manager (Beautiful Kosovo) | Grade: P2 http://unjoblist.org/r/?248035 #UNJL
  2. @UNJobList_ds (DS for Duty Station): The format for tweets on this feed is “Title” plus “Duty Station”. These tweets look like this:
    #IOM: Programme Manager (Beautiful Kosovo) | In: Pristina http://unjoblist.org/r/?248035 #UNJLDS
  3. @UNJobList_dl (DL for Deadline or Closing Date): On this feed tweets feature “Title” plus “Deadline”. The format is:
    #IOM: Programme Manager (Beautiful Kosovo) | Closing: 2011-01-12 http://unjoblist.org/r/?248035 #UNJLDL

All three feeds will tweet the same jobs so there is no need following more than one feed. The different hash tags should allow you to search and sort different feeds easily. If you have further ideas on how to improve the tweets, please let me know in the comments below.

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