The UN Job List Widget for your Website

Some of you may already discovered the UN Job List Widget which is in the lower right side of my blog. The reason for creating this widget is that I wanted to create a simple and easy way to include UN Job List jobs into websites and blogs. Of course you can always use any of the many RSS feeds that the UN Job List produces – you probably know that every search result on the UN Job List creates a custom RSS feed just for you. But the widget is a nice and optically appealing way of listing UN Job List vacancies in your blog.

The UN Job List widget is available for WordPress as a regular plugin and for any other website via an iFrame code. The way it works is pretty simple: Get your UN Job List widget code over at the UN Job List Search page. The widget code can be quite long depending on your search but essentially it tells the widget which kinds of vacancies you would like to display in your website. Play with the search results and make sure you really get the jobs you want to before you proceed.

Finally, enter the widget code into your WordPress plugin or into your iFrame code. The instructions on how to do this are on the widget documentation page.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions on the widget and how to improve it – thanks!

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