Bondo Devil

As you know from the last post, the Little Peacekeeper is currently in Sierra Leone. Here, the Little Peacekeeper is learning about the traditional bondo society, a secret society for women. It is a very complex and challenging topic but there is a little bit of background here:

The Little Peacekeeper is now confronted with learning about decision of the bondo society to ban performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on children under 18. The Little Peacekeeper knows what the UN has to say about this very important topic: Now, for the bondo society, the issue of abandoning FGM/FGC is a difficult one not only culturally but also economically because there are a lot of Soweis (the women performing the cutting ceremony) who need to find alternative livelihoods if the practice if abandoned.

So, on the photos you can see the Little Peacekeeper with the wood carving of the bondo devil that the Council of Soweis gave to the Little Peacekeeper. The carving on the figurine is the ban on child bondo and then the other picture show him with devil itself.


To make the UN work a lot of things have to be moved to the right place. On the picture you can see the Little Peacekeeper with some logistics equipment getting things where they need to be.