Watch out for fake UN Democracy Fund vacancies

Before we start, just a quick reminder: I’m NOT the UN and I’m NOT speaking on behalf of them. I make it a point of the UN Job List, NOT to actually host any job advertisement but to ALWAYS link back to the ORIGINAL vacancy announcement. I advise you to be very suspicious of any job advertisement that does not link back to a reputable and verifiable source.

So, please watch out for fake job advertisements when you apply for UN Jobs. I know that a lot of you want to be part of the UN System, but be suspicious and careful if you get advertisements if you can’t verify the source. Currently there seems to be a wave of fake UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) vacancies. This is a warning I saw:

Fake vacancy announcements have been repeatedly circulated in the name of the UN Democracy Fund, UNDEF, via non-UN websites and email imitating UN email addresses. In some cases, correspondence falsely signed in the name of real UNDEF officials has ensued, asking would-be applicants to part with copies of personal documents and even money.

As part of the UN Secretariat, UNDEF posts job vacancies only at and, in the cases of temporary vacancy announcements, on the UN Secretariat intranet site iSeek. Please disregard any emails, or non-UN websites, purporting to announce UNDEF job vacancies, and pass on this warning to anyone you think may be affected.

I have written about fake vacancies in the past, so have a look here on how to avoid being scammed.

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  1. Hi,there is a guy currently persuading me to give him ksh.50000 to get a job in UN.I Got suspicious on the whole arrangement and i did not give out any money.

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