Introducing Spotlight jobs

I have been introducing “Spotlight jobs” over the past days. These jobs are highlighted on the main UN Job List homepage in a special section and also appear in bold when you browse for listing.

The point of these Spotlight jobs is to give UN organisations a chance to highlight vacancies where internal talent is missing, where special expertise, skills and other hard-to-find job characteristics are at play.

If you see a spotlight job – please have a close look: Are you the right candidate? Please consider to apply! Also, if you know anybody in your network who would be the perfect candidate, please forward the job! Thanks very much!

If you work for a UN organisation and would like to get access to the portal to highlight some of your vacancies as Spotlight jobs, please leave a comment below. I will get back to you via email. Spotlight jobs regularly achieve about 20% to 50% higher applications than regular jobs.

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