Places to be & things to do: Tango in Copenhagen

I have to admit that I’m not too old in the whole Tango business yet but nevertheless I’m quite impressed with Copenhagen’s Tango scene. The multitude of high quality milongas, workshops and courses is quite amazing considering that Copenhagen is not Buenos Aires. Also, the scene is amazingly well organized. Not only that websites like offer a perfect overview over what is going on but also people show up to events. So be prepared for a packed house the moment live tango music is announced…

Places to be & things to do: New York

Burger Sign If you happen to be in Manhattan and are looking for a „not so usual“ burger place, walk up to Le Parker Meridien (118 West 57th Street) and look out for the burger symbol behind the big curtain.

In the little room is a little burger joint that features great burgers and shakes. Enjoy them right there or walk up to Central Park and get a short break of hectic Manhattan.

Places to be & things to do: Berlin

If you happen to need a place to crash in Berlin and want to do it in style Рor Рif you need to get some good breakfast (or both) there is one place I can recommend: Caf̩ Raja Jooseppi offers good value for money and the charming neigbourhood in Berlin-Mitte close to Prenzlauer Berg is just perfect for a quick weekend escape. Looking for a daytime occupaton? Make sure you check out the flea market just around the corner.

Places to be & things to do: Tallinn

If you get the chance pay a visit to Tallinn. It is a beautiful city and offers a lot: Wonderful scenery, decent food and a charming old town.

If you are there, experience the sunset from the SAS Radisson. Enjoy the good view from “Lounge 24” rooftop bar (see picture).

Sunset in Tallinn

There are direct flights from Copenhagen so if you are in the area – go to Tallinn for a weekend!

Things you have to do in Copenhagen

People ask me what to do when they are in Copenhagen and even though I don’t want to repeat all the stuff that is listed in the Lonely Planet here is my pretty random list of things I recommend to do in Copenhagen.

  • Go Nyhavn, get a beer in the kiosk from the basement behind “Nyhavn 17â€?, sit at the canal and watch the tourists in the tourist traps
  • Ride the “Himmels Skibetâ€? in Tivoli
  • Have a tee in Cafe Retro
  • Celebrate the first day of Jule Øl in Det Elektriske Hjørne
  • Experience St. Hans in Fælledparken
  • Enjoy a Sunday evening with live Jazz in La Fontaine
  • Visit Louisiana on a sunny day
  • Have a giant ice cream at Lydolf’s
  • Mount Vor Frelsers Kirke
  • And get to all the different places by riding one of the free City Bikes or the driverless Metro
  • Internet Cafes in Gilleleje

    If you ever happen to take some days of vacation in Gilleleje – which is highly recommendable if you enjoy wind, sun and the sea – make sure you have your UMTS device with you to hook up to the internet. The only other alternative I found is a hotspot in the harbor that will sell online airtime to Danes only (as foreigner you have to visit the shop and get your voucher there. And, yes you got it right, the shop is usually closed).
    Or you try your luck in Sofa.1 a café which has live Jazz on Fridays. If you ask nicely the waiters will give you the key to their wireless network.

    PS: By the way: Don’t waste your time on Willy’s as listed on some other pages. They are out of business and closed there shop down.