Meeting Jalal

The past two posts were the places the Little Peacekeeper visited but who helped him see all these things? On the picture, you see the Little Peacekeeper with Jalal, a new friend from the Peshmerga (Kurdish Army), who was so kind to show him around.

The Little Peacekeeper is in Iraq!

He is visiting various locations to gain a better understanding of the UN programme in the country. Here, you can see him standing next to the UNAMI logo in the UN compound in Erbil. He likes the friendliness of his Kurdish hosts and the cooperative atmosphere among the different UN agencies in Erbil.

In Spain

The Little Peacekeeper is in Spain! A little detour on his itinerary, he wanted to visit the exhibition that is being shown in Caceres on Spanish contributions to peacekeeping missions. True to his style, he was quick to make friends with one of the hosts of the event.