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    Hi all,

    I have already submitted more than 11 position (telecommunication assistant FS4,telecommunication technical FS6 and telecommunication officer P3)

    More than one year
    Just participated in (one) exam 😑 . Called Pre selection test in July 2017

    After that also applied for seven positions all is under consideration

    The processing is very slowly for international jobs..

    Good luck…

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    Anyone has any knowledge of a questionare sent to applicants and whats that questionare. Can anyone help me please?

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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    Hi Asjadkhan,

    can you tell me which organisation? I might be able to help.

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    Hi everyone, so I applied for a an Accountant and Finance job(both P2) with UNICEF. A week ago I saw the status of the Accountant job as under review.

    Can someone help me to know how long this can take or I am probably out of the race since it’s been more than a week of the status showing ” under review”

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    Dear Sir, its UN DSS Security Coordination Officer, P-3.

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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    Dear Joesam,

    what was the status before it changed to “under review”? Normally “under review” does not mean it is over yet. It just means that HR is looking at the applications.

    Good luck!

    Dear Asjadkhan,

    sorry for DSS I have no further information. Typically the written test is about the duties you would face in a day to day situation while doing the job. But I don’t know how DSS is doing this.

    Anybody else able to help?

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    Thanks Sebastian. It was application acknowledgement for a month and has been under review for a week now

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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    That doesn’t sound too bad just yet. I would give it more time. Good luck!

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    Thanks Sir Rottmair… is a job-fit-questionaire. It is still to be sent. To me too it is something very new. Lets hope for the best. I shall truly appreciate if anybody has anything familiar to say.


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    I always keep wondering about the transparency of the process and how slow it is.
    I have had success one time and got short temporary appointment and after that I have made many new applications. It makes me think that UN recruitment is not so efficient and there must be serious bureaucracy making things complicated. I just don’t understand how it is possible that more than a half year ago they gave open position and now months later they cancel it. Did need of that position vanish during recruitment process or did they use all the money?
    Why it is so difficult to keep people informed and do that in time. It would be nice to let those who don’t get into interviews or tests to know that they didn’t make it. I had interview with one UNICEF position and I asked how many applications did they get, and they can’t tell it. Why? Where is the openness, what harm does it do if public knows that there was 150 applications?

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    Hello People,

    First and foremost, thanks to the Adminitrator and Contributor of this Forum.

    I have two days searching for preparation material for the pre-selection test for a P3 Programme Officer post. I am aware of the POLNET’s assessment sample test, however, in my view this is not relevant to programme management practices.

    Any advice?

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    Hi Sebastian,

    I would like to start by saying congratulations and thank you for the good job you are doing. It is very impressive.

    I applied for a position in the UNDP mid Nov 2017, then in the end of Jan 2018 received an e-mail saying that the position was already filled. Two weeks later, I received an other e-mail requesting me to fill in and send the P11 Form, which I did. I was then invited to take the written exam on March 1, 2018. Because the job is in Africa and I currently live in an other continent, the HR officer refered me to the nearest UN Headquaters from where I live. I flew in and sat the test on March 1st, 2018. Since then, I have not heard from them. I sent two follow-up e-mails (one end of March, and the other mid-April), both of which remained unanswered. What does all this entail? What do you think I should do?

    Thank you for your reply.

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    Quick question that I hope someone might be able to help me with. I was just selected for the P4 UNICEF Communication Talent Group recruitment and have been asked to participate in a 15 minute online test with 12 multiple choice questions. No indication as to what they cover and I was hoping to get a steer from this forum — at this very first stage of the process are they competency based? general UNICEF knowledge? Scenario?

    Just trying to figure out how to best prepare!

    Many thanks 🙂

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    1 pt

    Hello Ataylor,

    I would assume its going to be technical questions.

    best of luck

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    Pedro morales
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    Bumping the question from ataylor, as I just got the email about the P4 UNICEF Communications Talent Group as well! No idea what to expect, other than 12 multiple choice questions.

    Good luck, ataylor!

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