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    fred flint

    Hi there

    thanks for creating the job list and forum- useful stuff.

    I am applying for a job at UNESCO. It is an administrative job, grade G3- a lower position from the one I have now (middle manager), but I am keen to have a shift in my career and relocate to France. I have all the skills and competencies required for the job and more, and much higher qualifications- could being overqualified work out against me?
    Also I’m a bit worried that the application includes age, as I am approaching 50- do you think UN would want to employ someone young for a junior position?

    Any tips about pre-screening or from people with experience of the recruitment process for UNESCO and/or in Paris welcome!


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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    Hi Fred,

    I don’t think there are any written rules about age. So I wouldn’t be worried about that. But if you were a Middle Manager in a medium size (or larger) company before, you may not find a G3 suitable.

    A P3 would probably be more the kind of job you would be used to.

    Other than that – good luck!

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    fred flint


    thanks for that. I am currently a middle manager in a large education institution. Most of my skills are transferable, but areas of expertise wouldn’t necessarily be seen as directly applicable to most of the P3 positions (or, at least, the ones I saw advertised in the past couple of months). Also for P-scale posts, previous experience in a UN or similar international organisation seems to be a must. I would be happy to get a lower position to start with and then work my way up if and when opportunities arise.

    My main doubt is that, as I am aware that many organisations are not keen on hiring overqualified staff, this could be a problem common to the UN working culture. Do you have any idea about this? Just trying to work out if I should play down certain skills and experiences directly related to management and focus on the skills requested for the job at hand or if more skills and competencies than the person specification asks is good and gives me brownie points.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes time to contribute

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