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    Please discuss contract types, grades and levels here

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    Can we pose questions at this forum plz?

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    Absolutely – ask away!

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    Hello, Rottmair Sebastian!

    Could you please explain to me what would the rate of MSA for a “Field Language Assistant GL-5” in Yemen (NJO) be?

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      Sorry, I wouldn’t know this one. But it is an interesting question – does anybody else know?

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    Hello Sebastian, I have found a post at L-4 level for a professional position (similar to P-4) advertised by UNICEF. Do you know this category? Where can I find more information about it?

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      Do you have the link to that? If it really is similar to a P4, I think a good starting point would be the information that is out there on P4s. Do you have any specific questions on that contract type?

      Anybody from UNICEF reading this? What are the details of a L4 contract?

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    Hello! good to be here
    Does the retirement age applies to SC contract holders? an SC service contract holder (contract renewable every year) has been working for UNDP for many years in one of his country’s public institution; he is now being told that he has reached the retirement age. Since he joined this matter was never raised or mentioned before. any other case such as this one, has been heard of?

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      I always assumed that SCs are also subject to the mandatory age of retirement. However, if I were in that situation I would try to get a hold of the UNDP policy on that. You would be amazed how many things are assumptions in peoples heads and few bother to check the latest policy.

      So that would definitely be step 1.

      If he has to stop working as SC, I would try to see if there is a possibility for a follow-on SSA?

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