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    Hi Seb,
    Thanks for your quick response .. I want to know about ICA (Individual Contractors Agreement) and GL4 and what is the expected salary for GL4????


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    Hi Sebastian,
    I wanted to ask about the requirement for G position that relates to local hire. Let’s say if the candidate has graduated local university, they have a residency permit in Switzerland but no work permit – would they be considered as an eligible candidate or do they need to have work permit as well?
    The description of eligibility for G post by UN regulations says candidate needs to reside within commuting distance of the duty station, but no requirement to be a national of Switzerland or holder of Swiss work permit.
    Do you know who can confirm that officially?
    i found on one of the forums the info below:
    A UN employee one does indeed not need to register with the local authorities. This is a consequence of the UN Charter, which restricts host nations from keeping a register of UN employees’ residences.

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    Hi Sebastian and all,

    I wanted to ask about short term consultant contracts in WFP (field locations), searching for the same job title shows me that previously wfp hired people to this position at P3 level when on a fixed term contract. I heard that payscale of short term ccontracts is less than the staff contracts, is it true? how less is the consultant paid compared to staff? and how long should it take HR to process the contract and finalize the recruitment ?

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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    @Miss_Mira: I would just try. The key point about commuting distance is not a hard requirement from the UN but (in my mind) merely a way to say “we don’t want to pay for your relocation” i.e. to ensure that there is no undue expectation on support for people that need to move their families from a different country / another part of the country.

    @sparky-eg: Sorry, I wouldn’t know. Typically, the pay (i.e. not the benefits!) of a consultant is higher than the pay of a staff contract to compensate for some of the (non-monetary or long-term) benefits that staff would have over a consultant.

    The HR process should typically be faster for non-staff recruitments.

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    Hi Sebastian,

    I am curious about a vacancy in FAO which is tagged as NPP (National project personnel). It does not state the grade level, and has a duration which says “3 months probationary period with possibility of extension”.

    Would you know if this is a short term/contract type employment?


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