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    Good morning guys,
    couple of weeks ago, I applied for positions in OIOS. I have been shortlisted and had already a first test.
    Since 2/3 weeks, no news.
    As it is my first attempt to joing UN, I would like to know if this delay is normal?

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    Pedro morales
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    Hi Julien,

    If there is one thing I have learned in applying for jobs with the UN and its agencies, it’s be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait some more.

    I applied for a position with the IAEA in September of last year. I wrote a test in November, created content for them in December, interviewed with them in February, and only yesterday did I finally hear that I was not successful. It can be a long, and often frustrating process!

    Good luck!


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    Hi Pedro,
    thank you very much for your message. Sorry for you, next time!

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    Hi Julien, I am in the same selection procedure, thank you for opening tjis thread. I wanted to do the same.

    Everyone, please keep this thread clean and only refer to the ongoing OIOS selection procedure! Thank you.

    Julien, how did you feel about the Standard Pre-Selection Test? I thought the logical reasoning was tough and the situational judgment not always clear..

    Fingers crossed for everyone in this procedure, and please share your experience!

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    Hi John Doe 🙂
    Thank you for your message.
    As I said it was my first test with UN so it is quiet difficult to assess the level of difficulty!
    But as I am optimistic I keep in mind the difficulty is the same for everyone!
    Wait and see the following weeks…

    Any news from your side?

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    Hi Julien,

    Somehow I was not notified of your reply and only see it now.

    No news here, unfortunately. I was expecting a couple of weeks, but it is more than a month now already.

    I think from what I read they must verify all multiple choice questions for reliability and validity – however that should not take much time.

    Next step would be (I guess!?) to set a threshold to identify those ones whose substantive test they mark (I would expect they do not do that with all the hundreds..?), then mark those, then check the best for suitability and finally invite them for the Competency Based Interview.

    Please note I am just guessing and have no inside knowledge whatsoever.

    As for the level of difficulty: Yes, if it was difficult, then for everyone – of course. I was still keen to hear from others how they felt.

    I am just a tiny bit afraid to get a simple mail after some months without even seeing the results, which could help to assess oneself and make preparation for next time more targeted…

    Well, on verra.

    Best J

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    Hi John Doe,
    we also have to take in consideration since we are not informed we are not selected, we still have a chance 😉

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    Hi Julien,

    Yes… 🙂

    I my opinion we should hear something soon anyway! More than one and a half months we sat the test and no news whatsoever.

    I am sort of confident I did not totally fail (except in the logical reasonsing part…) however no clue whether it will be enough to be in the top group and proceed to the next round.

    Let’s keep us posted with news.

    @All — Anyone else in this selection procedure?! Is anyone aware of the next steps and the timeline?


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    Thank you for starting this thread.

    It seems I wrote the same exam an am in the same selection pool. My status however still says “under consideration”

    I went through this same process almost 2 years ago where I was interviewed about 4 weeks after writing the exam. After several months, I was placed on the Roster and that was the end of that.

    So this recent application is taking much longer as I expected an interview in late June or early July. So I’m assuming I didn’t get past the exam this time.

    Have any of you recently searched for OIOS positions on the career portal? It seems OIOS no longer exists under the Department/Office section. I can’t seem to find any OIOS job listings and don’t know what category they would be listed under.

    Hopefully someone will hear something soon.

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    Thank you for sharing, JJ!

    No news here either, still “under consideration”. It does take long.

    Have you applied for positions, after you had been put on the roster?

    As for you question – you mean on careers.un.org? I have never looked there, to be honest, so I wouldn’t notice changes.

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    Careers.un.org is an older HR portal, now with very limited functionality, you can only see the adverts and some general information but when you apply to any posting that redirects you to Inspira.

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    Apologies for late reply.

    Yes I did apply to several roster postings. Some were almost immediately “filled from roster” and several others have been “under consideration” as far back as November 2017. So I’m not holding my breath.

    The careers.un.org seems to have OIOS category back in.

    I’ll be accepting a new job offer this week so likely won’t waste any more time on these UN applications as I’ll probably be retired for the second time if/when I ever get a response from OIOS.

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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    Dear all,

    thanks so much for your continued discussion!

    May I ask you to help me out? Could you continue your discussion in the new forum?


    The new forum will allow you to manage all UN Job List features and provide an overview over the UN Job List email alerts, too.

    Thanks again for your great contribution! Cheers, Sebastian

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