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    Hello Sebastian,
    I have a query related to my personal circumstances.
    I completed X years work experience with a UN peacekeeping mission as a local G5 staff member.
    Now I am working with UNDP as a SC Holder at SB3 level.
    On joining the UN in 2008 I longed for a career in the P category and was therefore disappointed on learning that there is a ” glass ceiling ” preventing progression from GS to P unless you pass the YPP exam or you at least at GS 6 level .
    My question: Will my work experience at this level be deemed relevant to Ps position?
    Can you refer me to a career adviser to help land a position at the P level?

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    Hi Kopoin,

    sorry to hear, indeed the jump from G to P can be very difficult. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get to P-Level?

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    Sometimes the jump works if you go via a different contract type. But I understand you tried that already?

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