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    Please Consider this very urgent I have been offered a letter of appointment from UNICEF but they are asking me to resign from my current government employment. I can take unpaid leave and they said it is accepted then said no I have to resign. Iam 45 if I resign all my entitlements with the government will be lost. I do not know why I should resign when I can take unpaid leave from government and is there a rule that says so. Please I hope you can answer this question very soon. my email is [email removed by admin – pls. don’t post emails here!]

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    Steve 12

    Hey Kassemanwar,
    First and foremost congratulations for making that far. This are stories that give me hope to continue applying for UN. Personally I work with the government in my home country. If the job offer is permanent you should take it and resign from your current job. You should calculate the benefits viz-a-viz the exposure you will get. The benefit which I will get after working with my home government for 27 years is equal to UN two years pay. You should not be afraid for the unknown……

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    it is an annual contract renewed depending on evaluation and availability of funding. Is there a permanent contract I do not believe there is such contracts in UN.

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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    I would ask them about the specifics. Typically you can’t be serving your government and the UN at the same time. That would be a conflict of interest. However, ask if you can take a leave of absence from your current job. I personally would not leave a pension arrangement etc. for a 1 year contract at the age of 45.

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    Dear Sebastian

    Thank you so much for your website.
    would you please tell me the following email is valid?



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