UN Job List: E-mail alerts

What are UN Job List email alerts?

The UN Job List e-mail alert is an automatic message sent every Saturday. The alert contains jobs that match your search criteria and lists both newly found jobs since the last alert as well as the vacancies whose closing date is in the coming week.
The UN Job List e-mail alert is a good way to stay informed about jobs that interest you without having to bother checking the List every day.

How does the email alert work?

There are a lot of new vacancies in the UN System every week and most of them are not relevant for everybody. This is why the sign-up for the UN Job List starts with a search. I encourage you to experiment with the search a little to be sure that you get the results you hope for. If the search is too narrow most of your e-mail alerts will be quite short or even empty. On the other hand the full list of every is a too much and would be overwhelming. In case you are interested in all new jobs, check the New Job page daily.

Hint: Make sure that the organisations you are interested in provide the information that you search for. E.g. if an organisation does not provide the duty station then that organization will never be included in the search results for a specific duty station. You can easily check what information organisations provide by having a look at the vacancies listed at the organisation’s page on UN Job List.

If the search results seem to return an adequate number of jobs – keep in mind that there is a limit of maximum 100 jobs per newsletter – then sign-up for the alert by entering your email in the box on the results page. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your email address. Once your address is confirmed you will automatically get the UN Job List e-mail alert on Saturdays.

Hint: You can sign-up for more than one alert but you have to do it one by one. E.g. only after confirming the first e-mail alert you can sign-up for the second and so on.

Can I sign up for more than just one alert?

Yes, you sign-up for as many alerts as you want to. Just make sure that you confirm every alert before you try to sign-up for the next alert.

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  1. Hi there,
    to sign-up for the UN Job List e-mail alert is quite easy: Just define what you are interested in using the advanced search (http://unjoblist.org/lists/advancedsearch) and enter your email address on the results page. You will get the weekly alert on new jobs in your area of interest.

    Please keep in mind that the UN Job List is a tool for job search – it is not a resource that would tell you where to apply for what. Working in the UN system myself I can only recommend to familiarize yourself with the organization, the job and the duty station very well before you apply. From time to time you get messages like “I would like to work for the UN in New York�. This is obviously not very helpful and if I get mails like this in my job I delete them immediately.

    So where to start? Well, the websites of the organisations usually provide a “working with us� section that explains what the organization is looking for. Also, I can recommend finding out as much as possible about the mandate of the organisations before applying. Then, get informed about what is going on these days. Just one hint: UN Reform is a big topic in pretty much every organization I know. So get some ideas around the concept of UN reform. Think yourself about how you think the UN can contribute to a better world in future, how to balance the ideas and interests of the permanent members of the Security Council and the developing countries.
    Keep in mind that the UN covers a very broad range of topics. Think about which topic you are most interested in and make sure you know all about that. Then look for the organization that covers that topic. These are just some initial thoughts on that and I’m sure that there is much more. Again, the most important thing is to be well informed before applying to anything.

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