UN Job List: Feedback

About feedback for the Un Job List – FAQ for site users

I really like receiving comments on the UN Job List and I’m grateful for hints on how to improve it. So if you would like to leave some feedback, just use the comment box below or even better use the Forum. It’s in your interest that your comment is received well take the time and read through the following hints:

Comments that belong here

  • You found an error somewhere? Great! Please let me know. I might not be able to act immediately (remember this is just a “fun” project I do in my spare time) but I will certainly get back to you.
  • You find some UN vacancies that are not on my page yet? PLEASE let me know! The goal here is to provide a complete overview over UN vacancies.
  • You have an idea to improve the UN Job List? Keep it coming! From time to time I update stuff and if I know you would like to see something I will include that something.

Comments that don’t belong here

  • You have a question on an individual vacancy? Please contact the concerned organisation directly. I’m not affiliated with any of the UN Organisations and I have no insight on the application process, selection criteria and other. Yes, I know it can be quite challenging to get into an agency but there is nothing I can do. I highly recommend you discuss these things in the Forum.
  • You have a request for a special vacancy? Like you would love to see some vacancies in the town you live? Or you would like to have special secondment vacancies? Sorry, there is no way I can deliver that.

Ok, well now fire away and let me know what you think – thanks, Sebastian

224 responses

  1. Glad I found your site. I have been trying to bring together RSS feeds from various UN sites and what you are doing is just great.

    I think you will find UNIFEM listings here:
    If you take a look at the postings in the last month, you’ll see that they are not included in your database (I thought maybe they’d be under UNDP). For example, the last post on that RSS feed is
    which I didn’t find on http://unjoblist.org/

    I hope this can help. If it does, see this site for UNCDF, GEF, and UNV feeds:

  2. Hi,

    Instead of a list of the UN organizations, on the left-hand side of the page, a drop-down might would be more effective.



  3. Hello Sebastian,

    Are you also searching the various country office websistes of e.g. UNICEF, UNFPA or UNDP. Lots of short term consultancies are not posted on the main joblists of these and similar organizations.

    Bestest, Jonas

  4. Hi Jonas,

    please let me know the pages, you are referring to. Some of the stuff is close to procurement and that is tricky to get. But the HR side of things should definitely be covered – so let me know and I will try to expand my robots…

    Thanks! Sebastian

  5. Hello,

    You are doing great job. However, this would reach a lot more people if posted through to our email as done by ReliefWeb, OneWorld, Charityjobs.com, etc.

    Kindly make a link on this page where it will automatically post these on peoples inboxes. It will be a wonderful action from the team.

    Thank you guys.


  6. This is agreat resource. Easy to read, well organised, and well linked. I am not a programmer but I can attest for a general reader that the website accomplishes the basic needs.

    Hey, what about assistance in putting together a good Resume? – may be a template.

    Thanks -Jeff

  7. Great site! Love it! Well done…

    Just one change I think would enhance it – that is, to make the RSS feed based on the new jobs page – http://unjoblist.org/lists/NewJobs/

    At the moment, my RSS feed reader doesn’t bring up the new jobs as they’re added. It seems to show ones that are close to expiring, which is not so useful.

    Thanks for all your work on this!

  8. Hi Sebastian,
    You are doing a great job. Would you know what the age limit is for applying for these positions,



  9. This is a great site.
    One suggestion: you should add an additional search function by date, i.e. posted within the past 7 days, 30 days, etc, like the Compendium website lets you do. That way one would have a quick ability to search just for the new jobs by a specified criteria.


  10. Hi Rajula,

    not sure if you are asking the right person. To my knowledge there is no limit BUT I would not do a lot. People get tired if they think that the application has not been focussed and is not particularly addressed to one post only.

    I think the rationale is like this: Nobody can do everything. So if you would apply to everything you would discredit yourself since you don’t demonstrate specific intrest / knowledge in only a few posts.

  11. Thanks Sebastian.
    Do you plan to offer email notification of e.g. new listings? It would nicely complement the RSS feeds.


  12. Sebastian, thanks a lot for this great page! I have a problem with submitting new organisations, so maybe this way

    Thank you for your work!

  13. Sebastian,

    Thank you for your comprehensive site!

    If job news are sent to readers automatically, the direct mailing would even much more have been appreciated.

  14. Dear Sebastian,

    I surely did and nothing happened for misunderstandable reasons anyway.

    I do appreciate your blog’s clarity and all the links because they present info required really practically, by a very logical way.

    Thank you, thank you-I already own you a drink from a first cheque possibly issued by an employer your site to help me to “seduce”.

  15. Tried clicking on links in firefox which really didn’t like the security certificate you use. Put me off. firefox 3 btw.

  16. Hi Chris,

    tried to contact you via e-mail but the address you entered bounced.
    Few things:
    1) the UN Job List doesn’t use SSL – where did the error occur?
    2) the UN Job List links directly to VAs of the corresponding organisation. So please contact the organisation itself if there are issues with their sites.
    3) Good that you are using Firefox 😉

    Cheers, Sebastian

  17. It would be really helpful if you could provide some definitions of Job Levels/Grades. To many of us, the levels are kind of cryptic. I have been browsing for hours trying to figure out what grade L3 or ALD3 would actually mean in terms of the hierarchy.

  18. It would be of help if you could specifically describe these jobs i.e levels/grades and clearly state the basic requirements in terms of hierachy.

  19. Great website. However, when running a detailed search (where you can select grades and countries), Some of the links to not work any more. If this was a bug, it would be nice if fixed 🙂

  20. Your website was shared through the Peacekeeping Best Practices Website. Great stuff… and chapeau for doing it on your own time.

    The website I list above is for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon which I only now realized they are advertising on independent site. Makes me wonder how the Truth Commission in Guatemala and the Tribunal in Cambodia are advertising? Maybe you have those links and I just didn’t notice.

    Best, Zorana

  21. My Dear,

    Your website excellent and I would suggest an improvement in the manner that any browsed vacancy or page number need to ghange color as an indication that it is read.

    I hope you agree to the improvement and we see it very soon.

    Thanks and best regards,


  22. My Dear,

    Your website is excellent and I would suggest an improvement in the manner that any browsed vacancy or page number need to change color as an indication that it is read.

    I hope you agree to the improvement and we see it very soon.

    Thanks and best regards,


  23. Hi Sebastian,
    Thank you for your services. Just wondering how long it takes to receive response on job applied.


    James Akena

  24. Hi Greg,

    yes, hope to have all of them in the UN Job List. If I missed any, please let me know (not all of them have vacancies though so check if there are vacancies).

    Hi Piskil,

    sorry at this time no full-text VA search. The UN Job List only has the titles, duty station etc. So the main VA body is not on the UN Job List visible.

    Hi James,

    No idea, that really depends on the organisation you apply to. Since I’m not affiliated with any of those organisations there is no way I could know.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  25. Hi Sebastian,

    will have a look – normally the Galaxy part is covered. There is a whole website, the website UNRWAjobs which is currently not covered. I’m in ontact with them on getting them online but we’re not there yet.

    Cheers, Sebastian

  26. Hi Sebastian Rottmair, you are really doing a great job on this web. please i would like to know if fresh gaduates are opportuned to work with United Nations since most of the jobs require many yeras’ experince. please help me i am a graduate of Agriculture (animal Science). i love to work with FAO or other UNO bodies. I will be glad to read from you

  27. Dear Sonaike,

    thanks 🙂 Ok, what you ask for is tricky. I know that there are internships and/or you can volunteer but it is correct that you would need have some experience. A good way to get into the system if you are eligible for it is the JPO programme (check out http://www.jposc.org they are a good resource)

    Good luck! Sebastian

  28. Hi Sebastian,

    Your site is heaven-sent. Thank you very much for putting the effort into this.
    The official UN site has driven me to distraction because it is for the initiated only – no information on any of the abbreviations they use in their adverts (such as “multiple D/S”) and very little on what the salary grades mean. If there are any websites out there that provide information for the un-initiated, would you be happy to link to them? I would be most grateful.


  29. Thanks Elisabeth – yes, if there are very useful resources I can link to them. I myself was thinking of creating some resource pages that would show some information about contract types and other useful things like statistics on organisations, duty stations etc.

  30. Sounds great! Anything you can come up with, really. Maybe it could be the seed for a campaign for more transparency? I suspect an independent review of the jobs.un.org site would come to the conclusion that it is not exactly a shining example of best practice.
    Just great, how did I get from looking for an interesting job to taking on the UN…?!

  31. Great site Sebastian! As the UN is made up of so many acronyms, I feel it would be useful to have a mouseover feature that provides the full name of each acronym. Thanks, Ryan

  32. Sebastian, I can only provide praise for your website, which is a “one-stop-shop” for all recruitment. Knowing that this is something you do in your free time, I would like to thank you so much for this, and wish you every success. You deserve it!!

  33. Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you very much for the site!

    Is it possible to search for jobs with SSA as the Level/Grade? Could you add it to the search page somehow, perhaps in the ‘search for grade’ drop-down lists?



  34. Hi sebastian,
    you are doing a wounderfull job.keep it up. you are realy helping job seekers or those looking for greener pastures like me.i just wish i can get a job with un.anyway where there is a will there is a way.

    be blessed

    winfred katiku

  35. Thanks for all your effort on this site. Very useful!

    Quick question: It appears that UNHCR is not among the orgs that can be selected for searching or for an email alert. Is that correct or am I missing something?

  36. Hi again,

    My question was specifically about your input form for the email alert set up. I could select various orgs, but not UNHCR. Is that because you don`t have a job site to search for them? Or did you accidentally leave them out of your option list?

  37. Hello Sebastian,
    I am frankly don’t having the suitable words to express to you how I feel grateful and thankful for you for your work
    It is so impressive what you are doing in “UN Job List”, I feel that I was lost before know your website recently.
    Really, it is honor to me to be your friend and I hope that you accept this and keep in touch within me especially if you use Facebook, Yahoo! or Hotmail
    Thanks again my great friend
    Yours truly,

  38. Thanks so much for this amazing website! You fixed all the flaws of unjobs.org and made it easy to keep an eye on new postings.

  39. Hi Sebastian, I am one of the folks that actually landed a job after applying through your site..so thanks! I think your site does make a BIG difference in attracting people who just dont have time to mine so many different sites to find postings. Keep it up!

    Just a heads up: The UN will be rolling over its contract types, and will be abolishing the ALD, L, and the 12 other types of contracts they have. They will instead just have 3 types…most folks dont know details yet, but I expect that it will call for a few changes on your site. This change is supposed to be effective starting July.

  40. Dear Sabastian,

    Accept my delightful greetings specially you and other respected colleagues around; and it is called more then everything in simple vvv…

    Very Easy, Very Famous, Very Helpful…

    Personally to be honest i found it so much Different.


  41. Hi Sebastian,

    I understand this list doesn’t include offers for external consultants (Request for Proposals etc.). If there is another website you know of, I would be thankful for a hint.
    This is a great website, though! I guess many people have been waiting for something like this.


  42. This is enormously helpful for those interested in working for the UN Family of agencies and can find postings all in one place. Thank you.

  43. Hi there. I’ve long been visiting your site to check for UN vacancies and finally I’m back in the system. Now tell me, since I work in HR, how can we advertise our international positions in your site?

  44. hey,
    i think there is a problem with the reply massage on un job vacancies. i have not received any validation reply. kindly reply becoz i have not gotten the job am hurnting for.

    yours faithfully

    winfred katiku

  45. Dear Sebastian,

    Thanks for chatting with our colleagues in NY. Just wanted to point out that the links to any jobs.un.org post on Galaxy will not work because you have an https URL. They apparently can’t handle the secure link.

    Mark McCarthy

  46. Hello,

    I don’t find UNFPA in the advance search, even though the organization is listed in your site.

    Many thanks.


  47. Hi Sir

    I think that the web positions of WFP is missing

    may be I’m not very skillful in your web site.

    Anyway I’m very glad to surf in a nice page and very useful.

    Thanks a lot

  48. previously i had registered with u for alerts on jobs but i signed out.whenever i try to sign again am told i need to validitate your feed back which i do not have. please assist coz i need the alerts

    bye for now

  49. Sebastian – first, THANKS for offering this site. It saves so much time, and allows us to cast a wide net for job searching. I think the links may have changed to a few organization’s job sites, though, as they reflect “0/0” postings on the UN jobs list. BUT the org’s site DOES HAVE postings: FCCC, HCR, FPA, UNV, WB, WTO seem to be this way. thanks again!

  50. Thanks Sebastian for that well-organized un job list!would like to know the salary range for that position. how long will be the response time from your end after I have submitted my application? Thanks a lot and take care!



  51. Hi Andrew and Alberto – the issue with WFP is that they have a roaster only. They do NOT publish real vacancies. That’s the reason they are not on the UN Job List.

    Maybe, it is time for me to create a blank page explaining that and forward to their roaster application site.

    Cheers, Sebastian

  52. Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for a great tool to look for UN Jobs.

    I noticed under the Vienna page that jobs from IAEA is not listed. Is there a reason for this, since I know they have jobs in Vienna at the moment.


  53. Dear Bill,

    the paygrade vary quite a bit. The issue is that they are only valid for a country since the UN pays a base salary plus a country/city specific post adjustment (to compensate for the cost of living in your duty station). There are salary calculators of UNDP out there if you search a bit.

    Cheers, Sebastian

  54. Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for the grade mapping, this is very useful. Would you be able to add how ICA levels compare to ICS and P levels?


  55. UNICEF has changed their job site introducing a new e-recruitment function that is available from their home page.

  56. Hi Sebastian.
    Congrats for the job you’re doing & providing us with very useful information completely free of charge. I’m very excited to have discovered the site today. I promise to make the best use of it.

  57. Hi,

    THIS IS FANTASTIC Service y,re offering to the people,God bless you.Now can yu guide me how to fill in my e-mail so that i can be recieving weekly joblistings.


  58. Great site Sebastian, and thank you for putting in the effort that you have here. It is really a help having ALL UN, Agency and UNDG vacancies in one place.

  59. Hi Sebastian,

    The UN secretariat is phasing out Galaxy and all new positions are now posted in careers.un.org

  60. Hi Sebastian,

    Great site, long overdue!

    Is it possible to make the columns in each table sortable e.g by Duty Station, Grade, Expiry date, etc?


    • Hi Peter,

      there is a site where you can do this here: [removed] the trouble is that I didn’t roll it out to all of the site yet. I’ll put it on my list of todos however and will try to work on it.

  61. Great site. I used to work in Peacekeeping and would like to return. Can you tell me what the age limit is now for employment in the UN system.

  62. Great job. excellent thanks

    If you could remove the jobs which are already closed would be Extra class.

    Many thanks

    keep going

    DANKESHANE (Sorry if I miss spelled)


  63. I have never understood the meaning of “posting retrieved”, it gives the impression that the vacancy has been cancelled. Anyway, the meaning is far from obvious to those who are not familiar with the jargon, and it should be explained somewhere.

  64. Hi. Thank you for a fantastic service. I note that when generating settings for e-mail alerts, the UN Office of Disaramenent Affairs (ODA) is not included in the box containing all the agencies. It is however available as “DDA” when browsing website. It would be great if you could add that to the e-mail alert settings.

  65. Sebastian
    Thank you for your efforts through the site. As a job seeker I found the dis-jointed nature of the agency jobsites a nightmare, but you have made it very easy.
    And now I’ve got a job with the UN – in part thanks to you. I’ve made the list known to many others too.

  66. Great Job
    Thank you !!
    Could you please construct an access for emailing a friend i.e. keep a place where one can mail vacant to a friend by email (not only facebook and tweeter)

    • Hi Edith,

      thanks a lot for the comment – I will certainly think about how to do that well and work on it.


  67. Dear Sabastian,

    you are doing a great job, keep it up!

    I am development Studies student and I am looking for internship of about two months.Organization of my interest is UNDP head office in developing countries ( Asia or Kenya), couldn’t find the contact address.Do you have any idea?

    Thanks alot & so sorry if I am asking the wrong person


  68. Great resource! Is there any chance you could post a glossary of the full names of all the UN agencies, instead of just abbreviations? I don’t know all of them and it would be helpful to be able to see the full names like FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization Would be helpful if this appears on the page where the box is to select agencies to do a search.

  69. Very well done.
    I have been looking for a website like yours for a few months, have even enquired to UN employees who could not help.

  70. Hi!

    Thank you very much for this site. I think it will become one of my favorites.

    Could you please check on the WTO? I think your robot does not retrieve their postings.



      • Quite urgent. My website is going live within a week. The white background of the widget completely throws off the look and feel of my website. Having the ability to change the background color and/or text colors would add great value to your product. Since these parameters are controlled through a CSS, making the css available online to customize the widget at installation time would be a good idea. Is this something that you could do?

        Jim B

  71. I have applied for a email alert on the 15th and have not yet received any jobs through this alert. The alert is quite general (all new ICS-10/P3 posts) and was confirmed by me clicking on the link sent in the validation email.
    Did I do something wrongly?

  72. I find jobs advertised generally for UN to be unrealistic. If you just look at the date of announcement of jobs which i did not realize before they advertise the jobs two three days before its expiry. have anyone thought about why? these jobs are advertised but they are long taken and advertised because even if they already have the candidate they will have to do it. If i would be a serious employer and interested to get best candidates i would have advertised the job at least one or two month before the deadline. So I am afraid that all these advertised jobs are not serious to consider to waste ones time to apply. From my own experiences of applying for jobs advertised in this website and generally in UN or similar organizations I can say that it is hopeless, not because my profile is poor (I have PhD degree and working experience and sometimes I though I would perfectly matching candidate), but because the jobs in this system are long taken before they are advertised unfortunately.

    • Hi Rano,

      first of all keep in mind, that I’m not the UN and that I’m not in charge of any of these things. So in some ways you are barking up the wrong tree. However, I see your frustration and since I can’t look into the crystal bowl I ran some numbers – this overview here http://unjl.org/1z shows you how the different organisations do in terms of their advertisement period.

      Overall I also know that there is an incredible competition for UN jobs out there and many many applicants have PhDs and several years of relevant experience, too. Eventually everybody needs to find their own way but there are many people out there who don’t give up and try to find their spot in the UN despite all the challenge they encounter. In any case, good luck job hunting!

  73. amazing initiative! This page is entirely dependent on your good will and research isn’t it? Or are you able to use some kind of automatic aggregation technology like paper.li?

    All the best and kudos for your efforts,

    • Thanks a lot for your nice words. The site is a lot of work but not all that much since I have a automated a lot of this site. In particular all jobs you see here are collected automatically via my own robots…

  74. hi again,
    i am not saying that u responsible for the content of the jobs. what i am saying is that most of the jobs posted are not real! i dont know if there is a way to check if it is real or not, and i dont know if it matters for your website…
    it is just my observation, look for example for todays email alert the jobs advertised start with expiry date 0000000….so whatever it means may be you can include some filter which will at least recognize this kind of missing parts and filters it as spam.
    is a suggestion anyway…so good luck…and take my suggestion as a suggestion not critique, i appreciate what you doing no doubts about it.

    • Thanks for your comment Rano – as a matter of fact, please let me know of jobs that are faulty, so I can fix them, it is an automatic system so there are of course issues from time to time.

      But as far as I’m concerned all of the jobs are “real” (as in they are all advertised by an actual UN organisation – I have no influence over how UN organisations treat applications however). If a job has “0000-00-00” as expiration date it is an “open” vacancy. This means that either the UN Job List was not able to determine the closing date (the closing date is not advertised on the page the vacancy is from) or it is a truly open vacancy which is open until it is filled (in contrast to “closed” or time-bound vacancies which will be advertised for a certain period and whoever applies within that period has the same chance). Open vacancies in theory need only one(!) good applicant and then are gone again, time-bound vacancies are typically open until the closing date is reached.

      Hope that helps,

  75. Hi Sebastian/colleagues

    I use to fill my UN at UN PHP but now i want to log out. Can I have an advice on this issue please!! Thank you all

  76. Hi Sebastian,
    I used used to receive email alerts on your UN jobs system. However, for sometime I have not received. They helped in the past to secure UN assignment.I would like to continue receiving the email alerts.
    Please assist.
    Kind regards

  77. Dear Sebastian,

    I had a RSS feed successfully running for some time now in my Thunderbird V .

    Since today Thunderbird claims that the feed


    is not valid RSS-feed . Did you change something in the RSS feed layout?

    Unfortunately changing to another Thunderbird version is not an option here at my workplace.

  78. Dear Sebastian,
    first of all: thanks so much for your email alerts, it saves a lot of time.
    One request though: for VA that are on “inspira” the redirection from your site with the statitics on views etc does not work for me: I get to the INSPIRA log-in page and when I log-in I am on my general profile page and then have to do a search in INSPIRA for the job. Question therefore: do you maybe retrieve these postings from the site for UN secretariat staff and they therefore do not work for outsiders? or is this a problem with Inspira in general? if the link cannot be fixed, could you somehow display the vacancy number – it would then be easier to find the job in the Inspira search engine.
    and lastly, not that they have many openings, but maybe WIPO could be included on the list?

  79. Hi Sebastien,

    Great site. Quick suggestion. Can you put the TVAS that come up on the intranet, ISEEK? That would be helpful also as many of those are kind of hidden and my understanding is that they are real.

    let me know your thoughts


    • Hi there,

      personally I would love to! But I fear that’s not public information and thus I can’t put them out there. If you have a public link, I’m more than happy to add these TVAs.

      Please share the link if you have it! Thanks, Sebastian

  80. For last two days jobs.undp.org is showing down due to maintenance. Some of the vacancy are reaching their deadlines. Any idea when they will be operational.

  81. Hello Sebastian,

    I have a question relating to DPKO jobs. They are supposed to still be on Galaxy, but almost no openings are posted there. They also switched to a roster system, which does not seem to work well (judged on my own experience and comments I heard from applicants as well as UN staff). One of the biggest problem for applicants is that nobody knows when the rosters open. I saw a list once in 2010, but none for 2011. This leads to a situation where applicants cannot apply, while some missions struggle to find personnel. Have you got more information? Would a roster opening show up on the UN Job List?

    Another question is on consultancies: They should come up on the UN Job list, correct?

    Thank you and best regards,

    • Hi Stephen,
      first – thanks a lot for your comments! Very good question on the DPKO vacancies. I will follow up and see what it is, for now I have no idea. Consultancies should indeed be on the List, too. However, I rely on them being publicly advertised which seems to be not always the case.

  82. Hello,

    It appears that the web link to apply for job advertised at the UNDP in Copenhagen lead to an error message in the month of December 2011.

  83. I’ll right away snatch your rss feed as I can not to find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me understand in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  84. Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for putting together this great website! I am very interested in working for the UN and am curious to learn more about how do you find the vacancies you post on your job list? Do you have an agreement with each individual UN agency to send you their postings or do you search for them yourself? I want to be sure that if I limit my job search to the results that are on your list that I am reviewing all of the possible opportunities for employment with the UN.


    • This pretty much works like google: The organisations listed on the site are crawled automatically and I point to their sites. And many organisations – since they want to get the best people to work for them – help me by making it easy for me to crawl their content and/or providing me with specific access to their jobs. However, keep in mind I’m doing this on my own and in my spare time. So this service is provided “as is” without any implied or assured reliability and it is certainly NOT an official UN service. Good luck job hunting 🙂

  85. Hi Sebastian! Great site. Thanks for your hard work.

    Jobs at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon are not on your list.


  86. Hi Sebastian, I am having trouble using the job listing links from my igoogle and even directly from the web page, when I click on the links I get an error quoted below. Please let me know what I can do to fix it.Many thanks for all your work to provide this information to all of us.

    For example I click on
    “Apply to this job on the UNDP site now!” and I get the following error:
    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /is/htdocs/wp10566957_V6AZ70MMXQ/web3/html/vacancy/link.php on line 13

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /is/htdocs/wp10566957_V6AZ70MMXQ/web3/html/vacancy/link.php:13) in /is/htdocs/wp10566957_V6AZ70MMXQ/web3/html/vacancy/link.php on line 38

  87. Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks so much for this site! It is incredibly useful! Not sure if you’re doing this already but it would be great to pull together annual statistics on number of jobs advertized by agency, number of views, etc. That way we can have a sense of common trends, i.e. when are most jobs advertized (summer, winter, etc.), when are most people looking at jobs, etc.

    Would it be possible to compile this info retroactively for 2011 and before?


  88. Hi Sebastian

    I was used to follow u on twitter, checking daily your job post.
    But seems is blocked. i mean the last one u posted was 10 october. is there some fault in twitte ror u decided to quit with twitter and use just mail and the site?
    Just to know so i can switch as well.

    compliments for your job!


  89. by the way, Continuing Appointments do now exist… it’s virtually automatic after 5 years in a fixed-term contract.

  90. Love the site. Just a quick suggestion: Would it possible to include language requirements as a search term? Might be a laborious task I’m not sure, but it would be great to cut down the number of jobs to search through since language requirements aren’t really negotiable!

  91. Sebastian,

    A really great,helpful and well linked site, keep up the good work! A lot easier than trawling the different agency sites.



  92. hi Sebastian
    I subscribe to the UNJobs list but notice recently that UNDP jobs are no longer included???
    Keep up the good work.

  93. Hi,is it right for you guys to ask someone to send money via mpesa to quqlify for job interviw coz i jst received an email requiring to do so

  94. Hi, I enjoy your service very much!
    I cannot find how to change my existing profile. I would like to change the filters.
    Thanks for your help


  95. I have had a fraud some time ago, I had the corrispondence for three months and I was sure it was really because I compiled the questionnaire, the petition for Visa, other documents, even insurance policy. At the end when I was ready to leave they asked much money and I very disappointed understood it was a fraud. Impossible. I wrote a lot of documents for three months. I wanted to work for United Nations but really.

  96. Dear Sebastian,


    I have been recently interviewed for some Position with UN in some country office. The interview went very well. At the end of an interview, they asked how much time I will be taking to join if selected and I replied them with at least 5 to 6 weeks after getting an offer. They also asked If I will be coming to duty station with my family or alone and I told them with family. After the interview, they sent me an email asking my permission for reference checks. My referees contacted me and congratulated me that I have done a good job.

    What do you think about possibilities of getting that offer and how much time UN normally take to finalize the case after an interview.

    Kind regards,

  97. Thank you for this website. Two Comments: 1) please consider adding jobs from ILO, also a UN agency. 2) On the analytics page I notice the pie charts don’t reflect the number values-the size of the pie slice does not correlate-it looks like you are reproducing the same image of the pie and using different number values; it would be more accurate and helpful I think (and a little more work, too) if the pie slices correlated properly to the number value of e.g. jobs posted per organization.

  98. Sebastian! Thank you very much for this helpful site!
    It’s the first site I check every morning! 😀

    I am wondering if you can include on the twitter messages information about the duty station.

    Thank you very much!!

  99. Hi just wondering why you don’t include job posts from WFP, and why you don’t include consultancy vacancies. Thanks!


  100. Dear Sebastian,

    I am an HR Consultant at FAO and I noticed that our vacancies are not in your website.

    How could we add our vacancies?

    Thank you very much


  101. Hello Sebastian

    Thank you for setting up and running this most helpful site! I have been a fan for a quite a long time!

    I would recommend adding IRENA to the list of organisations. The International Renewable Energy Agency is a relatively young organisation. Although it’s not officially a part of the UN Common System, it follows the ICSC payscale, and 90% of its rules and policies are the same as the UN.

    Around half its staff have come from one of the many UN entities, and I think a little more outreach through your site would help a great deal in attracting many more qualified candidates.

    In addition, you might also consider adding a few more UN/international agencies like ICAO, IMO, ILO; etc.

  102. Dear Sebastien,


    I have been recently interviewed for a local Position with a UN Agency in my country. The interview went very well and the UN is currently doing reference checks. So it looks like there are some real possibilities to receive an offer from them. The Problem is that the position is classified under Local ICS-8, and when I tried to estimate what my Salary could look like through the UNDP Salary Calculator, the salary seems to be half (50%) of my current salary! (if I am classified under step 1). Please also note that my Education, qualification and experience far exceed the requirements of the job (they are asking for a minimum of 3 years experience while I have more than 17 years). From your own experience, do you think that if I am offered a Local ICA-8 contract, there are a room for salary negotiation with the UN, and if yes, to which extent??

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    • Hi there,

      typically salaries are not negotiable in the UN. Sometimes you can negotiate the step / sublevel you are on, but that’s not always the case. I know the LICAs are typically a little higher than GS salaries. At this point, I would wait and see what the offer is. And it never hurts asking. Good luck!


  103. Noted. Thanks for your prompt feedback, Sebastian. This is really appreciated.

    Let’s wait and see. I will revert back to you in case I will receive an offer.

    Best regards,

  104. Hey hey, how does one find world bank short term consultancies? they aren’t on their site (or here…)
    thanks for the awesome site!

      • thanks! these short consultancies are supposedly the “way in” to careers at the WBG.
        their site says this: http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/EXTJOBSNEW/0,,contentMDK:23123970~menuPK:8453479~pagePK:8453902~piPK:8453359~theSitePK:8453353,00.html
        BUT: they are never posted on the regular “Current Job Openings” despite what this says. and creating a user for the eConsultants portal leads to only opportunities for firms, not individuals…

        • Hm, thanks for sharing. I have no idea how to get these vacancies. If anybody has a public link with vacancies, I’m happy to look into how to include them into the list. Thanks again!

  105. Hi Sebastian
    I was interviewed for a position just over 13 weeks ago; at present no one has come back to me with any form of result or interview feedback even though I have sent the unit head a couple of emails. I certainly don’t want to bombard the manager with further messages which may turn them against any future applications I will/may make. Is this time delay unusual? Can you speak from experience on previous similar examples?
    Thank you 🙂

  106. Could you confirm / check if the webcrawlers are picking up the postings for local staff, individual contractors and consultants on individual PKO mission websites?

  107. Dear Sebastian,

    I am a fresh graduate from the American University of Beirut(AUB) and I am seeking a job opportunity/ internship. Since I applied no one replied to me or gave me a response.

    Any advice?


  108. When being offered an interview on a 24-hour notice, does it mean that all other candidates also
    only had 24 hours to prepare before their interview? Do you know why one would be offered an interview on a 24-hour notice, instead of the usual one-week notice?

  109. The RSS feeds for the lists seem to be broken. My RSS reader is reporting HTTP code 500 trying to poll for updates.

  110. In response to your email to click on a link (annually), perhaps 1-2 months ago, I did that. Unfortunately, I stopped receiving your weekly notifications after that. I emailed to draw your kind attention to that, and am still waiting for the weekly list that I used to receive every Saturday morning around 07h30 New York time.

  111. Hi there all, has anyone here applied for any of the translator (retainer) positions at UNOPS? Five months have gone by and my application still shows as “under review”.

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