New York window view

The responsible people surely consider this safe. But if you saw the damage caused by the recent crane crash in Manhattan, you probably would start getting some second thoughts about a 17,200 lbs concrete block dangling freely outside your window over night, too. Just keep in mind that this is at the height of the 17th floor right above a sidewalk…


T-Mobile Edge Internet settings for your iPhone

If you happen to come across a smart phone such as the currently hyped iPhone which can connect to the Internet via GPRS/EDGE and wonder how to configure it for the US based T-Mobile network then these basics should get you going:

In case you have T-Zones use:

In case you have T-Mobile Internet use:

If this doesn’t work (e.g. because you have a FlexPay account) or you have VPN use:

You should be able to leave the username and password empty. If you experience issues try “guest” and “guest” as username and password.

UN Job List maintenance: Fixed ILO robot. ITU, UNFPA, UNHCR and UNRWA vacancies are currently not in the database

Last week I received a comment from a colleague telling me that a vacancy in ILO is not in the UN Job List. I checked what happened and discovered that the ILO changed their vacancy web page which caused a robot failure in the UN Job List. I fixed the UN Job List robot for the ILO now and started a review of all UN Job List robots. During this process I discovered that the ITU, UNFPA, UNHRC and UNRWA pages have changed, too. I will fix these robots as soon as I can but if you are interested in vacancies of these organizations, please check their vacancy pages directly. I will notify you once these vacancies are added to the UN Job List again.

There are two things that you all could help me with. First, if you know of any vacancies that are publicly posted and don’t appear on the UN Job List, please let me know so I can check my robots (and add pages if needed). Second, please let me know if you know that your organization changes (or changed) their vacancy pages. This way I can quickly check my robots.

And big thanks to the tipster for the ILO vacancy…