“Fresh Direct” for Denmark – Yellowman.dk

I just found out that there is a “Fresh Direct” clone in Denmark: http://www.yellowman.dk/index.php?main_page=index&language=en (they even have an English page)

This is really a good sign in this “almost always closed” country.

Especially trying to get dry cleaning done as well as any interaction with the DSB or the post office has been a big pain for me since I almost have to take a day off to get my stuff organized. The opening hours are usually during my working hours. The most absurd thing happened with the DSB. I wanted to pick-up a ticket to Germany and was sent away since international tickets were only issued between 9.30 and 17.30 since those tickets are complicated to print and need specially trained personnel to get issued. I got back after 9.30 and the same lady at the same place and the same computer printed the ticket for me. Trying to be compliant, next time I came after 9.30 only to find out that at this day international tickets were issued between 11.30 and 17.30. Again I heard the story about the specially trained person etc. To be fair, I got the ticket after insisting that I really want to have it and don’t understand the reasoning behind the randomly changing opening hours.

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