How the UN Job List works

I believe that good people contribute to a great UN system. And I want to do my modest share to help good people finding their spot in the UN system by hosting the UN Job List.

But how does the “the List” work? The following diagram shows the key UN Job List components: The List currently monitors some 60+ UN system job websites. To do this efficiently I setup the UN Job List Backend. This UN Job List Backend consists of two things: Firstly I have programmed a number of different robots which extract job details from the vacancy websites I monitor and then secondly I created a database which is filled by the robots with the job details and powers the UN Job List website.

As a user you can search the UN Job List for job details. You can subscribe to an email alert, get the results as RSS or bookmark any page on the UN Job List to keep up to date with the latest job openings. Once you decide to apply for a vacancy you will be directed back to the original vacancy website so you know where the vacancy is from, you can be sure that the vacancy is genuine and you are sure to have the latest version/updates about the job posting.

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