Week 52: UN Job List statistics

These are the statistics for the List for this week. If you have any question or an idea on how to improve these stats, please let me know in the commennt below. Thank you!

New jobs by organisation

The breakdown of the new jobs of on the UN Job List is shown in the chart below. The number in parentheses is the number of new vacancies added to the List.

Interested in these jobs? Check out the newest additions to the UN Job List now!

6 responses

  1. How about a employment figures citizenship per UN Organization. I keep reading about blatant nepotism and employment of unqualified personnel.
    Thank you

    • Hi John, well, I’m always careful with general statements (especially if there are politically motivated discussions around), also quite frankly, I would not know what citizenship has to do with qualification for a job…

      In all seriousness, you are talking to a private person who has only external data to look into and who is not “the UN”. So I can’t tell you who is ultimately employed by whom and why. What I can do however, is tell you about the data I can capture from public data. And what I can see from that is that many jobs are in very high demand. In fact, I will add that kind of info for next weeks stats – it may give you an idea what are the jobs in high demand and how many people have an interest in them.

  2. Hi, Happy New Year. I am from military background having 20 years experience. Which job vacancies are suitable for me besides security? Other than UNDSS, where I should look for vacancies on security? Thanks

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