Week 10: UN Job List statistics

These are the statistics for the List for this last week. If you have any question or an idea on how to improve these stats, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you!

Last week’s performance

During the past 7 days the following happened:

  • Total number of external views (all jobs listed in the last 7 days): 14183

Top 5 jobs of the last week

New jobs by organisation

The breakdown of the new jobs found in the past 7 days on the UN Job List is shown in the chart below. The number in parentheses is the number of new vacancies added to the List.

Interested in these jobs? Check out the newest additions to the UN Job List now!

2 responses

  1. Dear Sebastian thanx for the grate job. Is true that P5 jobs are only reserved for the internal candidates or staff members much as they are advertised calling for all qualifying candidates to apply? I recently appled for a P5 position NewYork as duty station i did the technical assessment and passed waiting for competency based interview. While doing research i found on UNJOB Finder a blog stating that its a waste of time for external candidates to apply for jobs at UN headauarters. Meaning am wasting my time. Pse advise


    • In this case you are certainly not wasting your time: Nobody will be asked to do a technical assessment if they are not seriously considering your candidacy. So good luck for the rest of the recruitment process!

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