Updating the backend of the UN Job List

Some of you may have noticed that the UN Job List is currently experiencing some issues with data updates also the regular sending of newsletters is currently not working properly. The reason for that is, that my server provider is updating the software the runs the UN Job List and the new software is not perfectly compatible with my code.

So I’m spending quite a bit of time to review my code, update it and get it to run with the latest version of software used by my provider.

While I’m fixing things, expect the site be a little less stable with some outages here and there. If you encounter any of that, just be a bit patient and reload the page from time to time. Thanks!

I would like to apologise for the any inconvenience this may cause for anyone.

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    • You are most welcome and so sorry for the delay in fixing the issue. It was just that time is really tight… I guess I need to find a good way to get some volunteers involved in the site to expand it and fix issues…

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