Aviation Safety

After being in the mountains, the Little Peacekeeper is back hard at work. He makes his rounds in the Aviation Section and on the tarmac to ensure safe operations. You can see the Little Peacekeeper manning the fire extinguisher and keeping an eye on the aircraft in the background.

Of course the Little Peacekeeper can rely on his great friends in the fire crew who show him their work:

Back in Haiti

The Little Peacekeeper is back in Haiti. On the picture you can see him soaking up some sun on his balcony in Petion-Ville. He is very relieved that storm Emily turned out to be nothing more than a few drops of rain. Now he can work on his tan before reporting back to the office the next day.

A day of R&R for the Little Peacekeeper

It has been a strenuous couple of weeks of work in Cote d’Ivoire for the Little Peacekeeper. At the end of his mission, he managed to go the Grand Bassam outside of Abidjan and relax for a day. He met lots of nice people too, like Mamadou, the kind bartender:

Or Esther, the beautiful seller of pareos:

And of course he became friends with Traoré (alias Manitou) a true master craftsman and performer extraordinaire: