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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    This question is from JJ:

    Dual National Applicant Question.

    I was born in an “unrepresented/underrepresented” UN Member State; however, moved to Canada as a teenager; therefore, I’m a dual citizen of Canada and the “unrepresented/underrepresented” UN Member State.

    My current place of residence and occupation is Canada.

    I noticed a “P” position advertised with a stated preference for “unrepresented/underrepresented” UN Member State nationals of which includes the country I was born in and possess a citizenship for.

    Question: Can I apply as the citizen of my place of birth for this position which is a preferred applicant profile as it is a “unrepresented/underrepresented” UN Member State? OR Do I have to apply as a Canadian which is my naturalized citizenship and place of residence?

    Question part 2: If I am eligible to apply as the “unrepresented/underrepresented” UN Member State applicant, would this reflect poorly on, or negatively affect my previous applications currently being considered where I applied as a Canadian Citizen?


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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    Hi JJ,

    As you have the nationality, I don’t see a problem applying with it. Just note that you should be careful where you chose your place of homeleave if that ever comes up.

    I don’t think a new application will have any impact on applications that are running right now.

    I’m answering this with my own experience – anybody else having a different experience?

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    Thank you for the response.

    I noticed in the application that there’s no specific place for the “primary” nationality.

    The last part of the application asks for the “Country of Nationality” and “Country of Nationality at Birth”

    So I’m not sure if they’ll consider both nationalities for selection or would only care about the Current “Country of Nationality.”

    Either way, I’ve entered both nationalities and will see what happens.

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    Rottmair Sebastian
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    Very interesting – let us know how it works!

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