Week 44: UN Job List statistics

These are the statistics for the List for this last week. If you have any question or an idea on how to improve these stats, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you!

Last week’s performance

During the past 7 days the following happened:

  • Total number of external views (all jobs listed in the last 7 days): 8812

Top 5 jobs of the last week

New jobs by organisation

The breakdown of the new jobs found in the past 7 days on the UN Job List is shown in the chart below. The number in parentheses is the number of new vacancies added to the List.

Interested in these jobs? Check out the newest additions to the UN Job List now!

2 responses

  1. Hi Sebastian,

    Sounds like you are doing some great job!

    Just wondering if internship is still a good avenue to possibly join the UN (later after internship). I was recently invited for an internship at UNESCO, and I’ve already accepted a paid internship with a private company. I see the UN internship as a good opportunity to increase my chance of possible getting a UN job later (this has been my dream for ~10 years). So just wondering if, for example, there are specific UN entities where internship may help get hired later and if, for example, joining as a UNV is better than an internship.


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